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Pedestal and pendular grinding

With high-quality grinding wheels for pendular grinding, Tyrolit offers you exactly the right tools for efficient manual machining of cast workpieces on pedestal and pendular grinders.

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front-view of the product FOCUR-EXTRA pedestral grinding

FOCUR-EXTRA for pedestal and pendular grinding

Manual machining of cast workpieces on pedestal and swing frame grinders.

Hand sawing

Pedestal and Pendular Grinding with Tools from Tyrolit

During grinding with a pendular grinder, the Tyrolit grinding wheel moves over the workpiece at high feed speed. The machining of the cast material takes place during the stroke movements, in synchronous and counter rotation. Tyrolit pendular grinding wheels are suitable for virtually all pendular grinding machines and guarantee first-class results – for example, when grinding and fettling heavy and bulky cast workpieces or metal blocks. When fettling on pedestal grinders, lighter workpieces are guided to the machine by hand.

Pendular grinding: high performance and profitability

Tyrolit's high-quality grinding wheels for pendular grinding are the result of our know-how in the development and manufacturing of bonded grinding tools which was sourced over decades. They raise the efficiency of manual machining of castings on pedestal and pendular grinders to a new level. Zirconium aluminium oxide is used in most abrasive bonds for machining cast materials, giving you even shorter grinding times, higher stock removal rates and longer tool life. In addition, our grinding wheels for pendular grinding offer you the following advantages:

  • Less exertion due to high cutting ability
  • High performance and profitability
  • Individually adapted product for your grinding application
  • Highest safety during manual grinding jobs
  • Available in all common standard dimensions

Grinding wheels for pendular grinding from Tyrolit are a highly attractive option for all professionals for whom precision, efficiency, safety and profitability are top priorities.