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Drill systems

Perfectly matched core drilling systems from Tyrolit: diamond tools, drill motors and drill rigs form a unit that sets new standards in terms of efficiency, performance and ergonomics.

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front-view of the product Core drilling system DRS162

Core drilling system DRS162

Core drilling up to Ø 162 mm

Drill systems

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front-view of the product Drill rig BC-2 electric

Core drilling system BC-2 electric

Core drilling up to Ø 1 000 mm

Drill systems

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front-view of the product Drill rig BC-2 hydraulic

Core drilling system BC-2 hydraulic

Core drilling up to Ø 1 000 mm

Drill systems

Core drilling systems for professionals: powerful, ergonomic and reliable

Tyrolit is one of the few global providers on the market that offers complete systems of first-class diamond tools and the respective machines as well as accessories. As such, we are driven by our passion for technology and our eagerness to find new solutions and to meet the requirements of our customers. The latter are also the ones with whom we work to find ever better product solutions. Specifically, system components that are perfectly matched and thoroughly tested before they reach market maturity. As a result, we have an assortment of user-friendly solutions that is as broad as it is deep, including professional products that have been developed down to the last detail.

Advanced drilling systems from professionals for professionals

Thanks to our decades of experience and our lively exchange with operators and customers, we are able to offer an extensive assortment of perfectly configured core drilling solutions or core drilling systems. Our advanced systems can handle a wide range of diameters and drilling depths: from the classic bore in reinforced concrete in house construction to complex openings of connecting channels in the reservoirs of hydropower plants. Drill motors, drill bits and drill rigs form a reliable unit that gets the customer to their destination quickly. Right in line with our philosophy.

Further features and advantages of our core drilling systems:

  • Power range from 1.8 to 5.2 kW electric and up to 20 kW hydraulic
  • For special solutions also performance up to 40 kW is possible
  • For wet and dry applications
  • Hand-held or drill-rig operated solutions
  • Air or water cooled drill motors
  • Standard range and special solutions for specific projects and customer requirements
  • Optimised ergonomics for low-fatigue working as well as compact and lightweight design
  • Partially ModularSystem compatible
  • High reliability
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Worldwide network of service centres with experienced specialists

Conclusion: With advanced systems for core drilling, Tyrolit has developed into a leading global supplier that stands for individual, economical solutions that meet specific needs. See for yourself, no matter where in the world you want to realise projects.