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Elastic mounted points

With elastic mounted points it is possible to machine workpieces made of steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metals and PVC in a highly professional and efficient manner.

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front-view of the product Mounted points Premium elastic for nonferrous, PVC, steel and stainless steel

PREMIUM ELASTIC mounted points

for nonferrous metals, PVC, steel and stainless steel

Straight grinder

Elastic Mounted Points for Finishing a Wide Range of Materials

Elastic mounted points from Tyrolit for the straight grinder are suitable for nonferrous metals, steel and stainless steel as well as PVC. This is especially true for demanding works in hard-to-reach places. In the hands of professionals, our elastic mounted points really display their value when it comes to tricky finishing work.

Optimum surfaces with elastic mounted points from Tyrolit

In our assortment, we provide you with various types of high-quality mounted points. Each individual point guarantees you ideal conditions for producing workpieces of high quality, whether in terms of outstanding surface finish, optimum dimensional and shape accuracy, or both. Our assortment includes mounted points with different shapes - for example, the mottling points with the shape MS are suitable for mottling surfaces. The most common bond systems in the standard range are medium elastic mounted points (BE15) for even surfaces, such as external cladding on train carriages and containers.

Coordinated light grey bond systems allow both universal and application-specific use. Please also note the respective maximum operating speeds: BE13: 16 m/s; BE15: 20 m/s; BE16: 32 m/s.

Conclusion: With elastic mounted points from Tyrolit, you are a significant step ahead in terms of precision, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.