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Centerless grinding

Centreless grinding with tools from Tyrolit means benefiting from maximum precision, high cost-effectiveness and innovative specifications. Put your trust in the products of the technology leader.

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Abrasive Grain
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front-view of the product STARTEC CG


Diamond grinding tools with lightweight core for centreless through feed grinding

Centreless grinding

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Your partner for bar grinding

Centreless grinding

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front-view of the product Bearing/Automotive CSS REGULATOR


The regulating wheel for centerless grinding

Centreless grinding

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Grinding wheels in elastic bond for the centreless grinding of taper rollers

Centreless grinding

Centreless Grinding with Top-Quality Tools

Centreless grinding represents a special form of external cylindrical grinding. Tyrolit centreless grinding wheels can be used to grind workpieces from a few millimeters up to several meters in length with maximum precision and maximum cost-effectiveness. The process is designed to grind large series of identical parts.

Thick and resistant grinding wheels

One characteristic of centreless grinding wheels is their high thickness in relation to their diameter. For example, grinding wheels with a diameter of 300 mm are often up to 500 mm thick. Since the grinding wheels are pressed axially during the manufacturing process, there is a risk of density fluctuations within the individual grinding wheels. To ensure the most homogeneous density distribution possible, special pressing processes, adapted specifications and, in some cases, split grinding wheels are required.

Your partner in centreless grinding

Tyrolit offers you the complete assortment with grinding wheels, regulating wheels as well as dressing tools. Thanks to the continuous development of our products, we can guarantee the highest stock removal per grinding sequence, the tightest tolerances and the finest surface results – for example with the help of resin-bonded CBN grinding tools with an innovative, fiber-reinforced composite carrier body. The advantages: up to 80 percent less weight and special absorption properties for even better grinding results and increased tool life. Another example are vitrified-bonded wheels, which feature innovative sintering technology that prevents the abrasive grain from breaking for as long as possible. Diamond wheels are also available for centreless grinding in through-feed. Thanks to their lightweight construction, these are particularly gentle on the machine spindle.

Conclusion: With an extensive and high-quality product range, Tyrolit is positioning itself as the competent industrial partner for centreless grinding. Discover now all of the premium grinding tools in our assortment.