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SCM belts

SCM belts from Tyrolit for easy deburring and cleaning of surfaces with low machining time: benefit from products from a leading manufacturer of fleece abrasives.

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SCM Belt: Efficiency at the Highest Level

Customers worldwide rely on the numerous advantages of SCM belts from Tyrolit, which are standard in dimensions between 6 mm and 150 mm width. The abbreviation SCM stands for Surface Conditioning Material, which can be used in various ways. Fields of application of our SCM belts are:

  • Reducing surface roughness
  • Removing paint residues
  • Smoothing and repairing scratches
  • Removing of welding seams
  • General finishing and matting

SCM belts with many favourable features

The reasons for the high efficiency of each SCM belt are, on the one hand, the low machining time; on the other hand, the robust construction of these products and the open structure, which prevents clogging. We will be happy to recommend the best product for your particular requirements.

The universal Low Stretch SCM belts have been specially designed to prevent the stretching of the belt during work and to guarantee an excellent working process without the deformation of the workpiece.

With its unique structure, the Flex SCM belt is a highly flexible product that prevents delamination. Important to note: the Flex design is particularly suitable for small and narrow belts.

SCM XC belts (Extra Cushion) stand for perfect results with nonferrous metals. Thanks to the open structure and robust design, clogging is prevented. Specifically, this SCM belt guarantees an ideal finishing with maximum lifetime and an excellent working process without deformation.

Furthermore, Tyrolit offers different grains for each SCM belt, ranging from coarse to very fine/ultra fine. Coarser grains are used for removing rust and cleaning, while finer grains provide the final finish.

Conclusion: With an SCM belt from Tyrolit you increase the speed and quality of your work processes when finishing surfaces.