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Accessories perfectly matched to our diamond tools, such as centering spikes, sharpening plates or hydraulic hand presses make work easier and ensure first-class results.

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Centering Spikes and Other Accessories for Diamond Tools

The right Tyrolit tool accessories help to ensure that our diamond tools can be used in as many different ways as possible and for as long as possible, while at the same time achieving great results.

Making work easier with centering spikes and adapters

On the one hand, tool accessories - such as our centering aids and centering spikes for core drilling - make work easier and lead to fast as well as clean results. On the other hand, some of our tool accessories - such as adapters or extensions - make it possible to use our products for a wide range of requirements and jobs.

Important accessories for long-lasting sharpness

Additionally, it is quite normal for diamond saw blades and diamond core drill bits to wear down and become blunt over time when drilling or cutting different materials. Our tool accessories, such as the abrasive grain for dry drill bits as well as the sharpening plates for our dry cutting or core drilling range, restore the initial segment sharpness of the drill bit or saw blade in no time at all. As a result, the tool regains full cutting or drilling capability.