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Innovative ring wheels for semiconductor manufacturing

With its assortment for grinding wafers and a partnership with diamond tool manufacturer Asahi, Tyrolit has established itself as an innovative partner to the semiconductor industry. Both companies use synergy effects from which customers benefit worldwide.

The composition of our abrasives with an optimised diamond quality, a special bond system and a unique carrier body design, which is manufactured by Asahi, guarantees lowest grinding forces during the grinding process. In combination with a grit size of less than 1 μm results in improved surface quality and greatly increased flexural strength of up to 100%.

In addition, our specialists will help you to make process adjustments and thus achieve excellent profitability of your production.


Grit size

Grinding tools with grit sizes of 1µm are used for grinding wafers.

1.15 trillion


The electronics industry sold a total of 1.15 trillion semiconductors in 2021.

Electronic wafer with chips

Pioneering work

Our solutions for the electronics industry

Tyrolit accompanies its customers in the electronics industry with a range of high quality surface grinding wheels that make a difference in the market.

The product range for grinding wafers enables the highest quality surfaces to be achieved with significantly improved breaking strength. This is achieved thanks to an innovative process design by our application experts and the continuous development of our products. The following are the most important advantages:

  • Innovative products resulting in reduced grinding forces and cool finishes for highly economical processes
  • Highest surface quality and breaking strength
  • Highly specialised know-how provided by our application engineers
  • Large stock range with quickly deliverable products


Popular products in the electronics industry

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front-view of the product CENTURIA-E


Backgrinding Wheels for the Semiconductor Industry

Fine grinding

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front-view of the product Electronic-Technical ceramic  Diamond cut-off and slot grinding tools

Diamond cut-off and slot grinding tools

Cut-off grinding tools for electronic components

Cut-off grinding

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front-view of the product Elastic metal decorating tools

Elastic metal decorating tools

Elastic grinding wheels for the removal of metallised ceramic components

Honing / Finishing

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Solutions for the highest demands

Successful companies expect process know-how and comprehensive consulting services from their partners.

Together with the customer, our application engineers analyse the task at hand, create customised solution proposals and implement them on site on the machine.

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