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CERABOND X technology

Get there faster - the ceramic abrasives of the CERABOND X product family are among the highest quality of their kind worldwide.

However, the best grain in the world is of only limited use if it is not supported by an equally first-class bond. With the CERABOND system, Tyrolit has succeeded in designing an optimum combination of a ceramic grain of the highest quality and an innovative bond structure.

CERABOND X offers a wide range of specifications, from highly efficient cutting and roughing discs, to fiber discs with cooling layer, to trimmable flap discs and sustainable natural fiber discs. In addition, our assortment includes abrasive belts that significantly reduce the operator's workload and thus guarantee greater safety. This extensive range of products enables a wide variety of work processes to be accelerated and our customers benefit from unique quality for processing steel and stainless steel.

CERABOND X rough grinding
CerabondX cutting detail


With ALPHA TECHNOLOGY, Tyrolit defines a new performance level for rod-shaped ceramic abrasive grains. A carefully optimized process and selected raw materials lead to high-quality wheels with significantly improved grinding properties.

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TGD group


Tyrolit Grain Distribution

Tyrolit diamond tools with TGD® technology enable particularly economic and efficient operation in applications in the construction industry thanks to intelligent distribution of the grain, the so-called TYROLIT GRAIN DISTRIBUTION.

The sophisticated distribution of the diamonds supplies an even load distribution, optimised cooling system and consistently high cutting performance, resulting in increased standing times and reduced stress on the machines.

Products designed with the innovative TGD® technology offer significant advantages to our customers:

Excellent lifetime

Each diamond is optimally exposed and removed. As a result, the tool can be used for longer.

High cutting performance

The optimised use of the diamonds, noticeable smooth running and constant dust removal enable outstandingly fast cutting.

Best economy

An increase in performance of 30-40% is achieved by reducing the load on machines and tools, as well as shorter working hours.

TYROLIT POWER 100mm machine


TYROLIT POWER for composites

Glass and carbon fibers are posing new challenges to industries worldwide. With the extensive TYROLIT POWER assortment, we offer innovative tools for processing composites.

Low weight, durability and design freedom are properties of materials that are normally mutually exclusive - but this does not apply to composites. TYROLIT POWER is specifically designed for these difficult-to-machine materials and extensively tested on them, guaranteeing unparalleled tool lifetime. Less dust, minimal vibrations and ergonomic working characterise our new TYROLIT POWER assortment.

Our products are used, for example, for sanding rotor blades in the wind power industry, for matting in the aerospace industry and also for machining lightweight components in the automotive industry.

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