Maintenance and Repair

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Our international network of service centers ensures that your equipment is repaired quickly.

Efficient and reliable

Maintenance and repair service

At Tyrolit, we know that even the best equipment needs to be maintained and repairs will be required over time.

That's why we advise regular inspection and maintenance of machines and tools to minimize unplanned downtimes and extend their lifetime. Our worldwide network of service centers will help you repair your equipment quickly and effectively.

Tyrolit trainings

Sharpening your skills for success

Gain valuable knowledge and expertise in the shortest possible time.

Our team supplies training and advanced special courses in the field of application and service technology on site or in our training centers in Switzerland and Austria. Particular attention is paid to conveying experience and know-how through seminars in a comprehensible and practical manner. International roadshows in the construction and trade sectors are conducted jointly by marketing, product management and application engineers.

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