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Hand-held bush hammer machines

As a supplement to the standard equipment for floor grinding, the Tyrolit assortment also comprises suitable hand-held bush hammer tools and machines for smaller surfaces.

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front-view of the product HIKOKI SP 18VA Bush Hammer Machine

Hand-held bush hammer machine HIKOKI SP 18 VA

for surfaces difficult to access, such as stairs or along the wall

Hand-held bush hammer machines

Hand-held bush hammer machines for roughened surface structures

Bush hammer tools and corresponding hand-held bush hammer machines round off the equipment for floor grinding and/or professional surface preparation and are used to generate hammered surface structures. They can also be used to remove thin coatings, adhesive residues or filling compounds.

Hand-held bush hammer machines for machining edge areas

Hand-held bush hammer machines are mostly used when dealing with hard-to-reach or small areas that cannot be accessed with the floor grinder. These include, for example, stairs or areas along a wall.

The advantages of our hand-held bush hammer machines

The 1,250-watt, hand-held bush hammer machines available via Tyrolit are characterised by extremely high accuracy and generally smooth running of the machine. They allow working widths of 200 mm and have an M14 mounting. The damped milling plate included in the scope of delivery protects the spindle and the speed is optimised to max. 1,100 rpm.