The Tyrolit Group

Market Leader in Grinding Solutions and System Provider for the Construction Industry



Tyrolit sells over 80,000 products worldwide, including grinding and dressing tools as well as diamond tools and machines for the construction industry.


Worldwide patents

With over 500 patents, Tyrolit is one of the most innovative companies and even tops the list of most patents at its headquarters in Tyrol.


Future industries in focus

As a visionary, Tyrolit is active in all 16 industries of the future (e.g., semiconductor industry as well as communications and medical technology).


Production locations

With roots in the heart of the Alps and worldwide subsidiaries, we offer customers all the advantages of a globally active family business.

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Why Tyrolit

Family business since 1919

Grinding & dressing tools manufacturer & system supplier for the construction industry

Since 1919, our innovative tools have made an important contribution to technological development in numerous industries.

Tyrolit offers customized grinding solutions as well as a comprehensive assortment of standard tools for customers around the world. With roots in the heart of the Austrian Alps, Tyrolit combines the strengths of family values with a global vision. Tyrolit has been led by a four-member Executive Board since 2022, continuing the values of the founding Swarovski family.

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Bakelite Weighing Powder Mixture

Long-term cooperation

Strengthening our supply chain through trusting supplier partnerships

At Tyrolit, we know how important long-term partnerships with our suppliers are.

We strive to build strong relationships that are mutually beneficial and based on reliability, sustainability, strength and responsibility. This is the only way we can deliver innovative solutions and ensure a sustainable approach to partners and resources. If you are interested in becoming a supplier, please visit our website.

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Shaping a better world

Tyrolit is committed to sustainability as part of its core values. As a group of companies, we are convinced that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is crucial to our success.

For example, we invest in renewable energy sources and reduce our environmental footprint through efficient use of resources such as water, electricity, packaging materials, etc. Our commitment also extends to ensuring fair wages throughout the value chain and providing safe working conditions in line with international standards.

We want to ensure that our vision of a world in balance can be achieved. It comprises - in addition to the continuous further development of the SEAM certification and support for the EU Roadmap to 2050 - seven internal fields of action that map our sustainable orientation.

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EORM enhancing business success

Paving the way for success through resilient entrepreneurship

As a resilient group of companies, we want to position Tyrolit as a pioneer for technical and social developments as well as sustainable entrepreneurial action.

Tyrolit's risk management system safeguards the company's success on many levels. The primary goal of Enterprise Opportunity and Risk Management (EORM) is to improve Tyrolit's prospects for success by reducing the negative impact of all types of risks and promoting opportunities.

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Our values

We at Tyrolit take responsibility

Research and development


We enjoy our customers' successes and live excellence throughout the value chain. Understanding the importance of quality management has been an integral part of our success and is part of Tyrolit's corporate culture.

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Sustainable procurement

We understand sustainability as taking responsible action along the entire supply chain. The basis for this is the Tyrolit Code of Conduct for Suppliers, which relates to human rights, energy management and environmental protection, among other things.



Actively practiced environmental management is an important driver for Tyrolit's further development as a company. Environmental protection contributes to the positive development of our sites and boosts our ability to maintain our leading position in the market.

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Social responsibility is an essential part of the management system at Tyrolit: responsibility for our employees, for our customers, suppliers and operators, for residents around our sites and for surrounding communities.

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Regulatory and legal pressure is forcing both large and small companies to communicate about sustainability in a binding, fact- and figure-based manner. We are convinced that this is necessary and correct in order to create trust in mutual dealings.

Research and development

Business ethics

With a strong orientation toward the UN Global Compact Principles and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, our business ethics relate, among other things, to human and children's rights as well as to legal requirements within the company and in the supply chain.

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Further information about the Tyrolit Group

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We stand for innovation and first-class quality, ensured by the perfect interplay of many years of know-how, a high level of expertise and motivated people who are committed to this with their passion day after day.

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Press releases

The Tyrolit Group is the market leader in Europe and one of the world's leading manufacturers of grinding and dressing tools as well as a system provider for the construction industry. Learn more about the Tyrolit Group through our latest press releases.