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Wall chasers and hand-held concrete grinders

Reliable wall chasers for cutting slots and channels in various construction materials and hand-held concrete grinders for professional levelling of substrates.

Productlist for Wall chasers and hand-held concrete grinders


Reliable and high quality wall chasers and hand-held concrete grinders

Tyrolit wall chasers and hand-held concrete grinders are the ideal daily companions for the construction site and are perfectly in tune with our diamond tools. They enable clean working and also score points with easy handling.

Clean work with Tyrolit wall chasers

Our wall chasers can be used to cut slots and channels in concrete, limestone or masonry with continuously variable cutting depths of up to 45 mm. An included 3-blade spacer disc set enables faster break out through the center slot and the fold-up protection cover guarantees optimal dust extraction. An ergonomic handle on our wall chasers ensures precise cutting as well as comfortable handling. It goes without saying that the machines are also available with optimally matched diamond saws in premium quality.

Hand-held concrete grinders for preparatory work

The field of application of our hand-held concrete grinders ranges from preparing substrates to smoothing unevenness and removing various coatings. The most important features of our hand-held concrete grinders include:

  • A speed control for optimal grinding speeds
  • An integrated vacuum cleaner connection for clean and low-dust work
  • A folding protection cover for grinding jobs right up to the edge
  • A parallel handle position for precise, balanced guiding of the machine

In addition, our assortment naturally includes a large number of high-quality diamond cup wheels that are perfectly matched to the Tyrolit hand-held concrete grinders.