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Angle grinders

With angle grinders from Tyrolit, you complete your tasks efficiently and reliably and are, thus, optimally equipped for everyday construction jobs and home improvement.

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A good choice: angle grinders from Tyrolit

Angle grinders are omnipresent - whether for professionals in construction, in industrial applications or for craftsmen. It is important for operators to be able to rely on their equipment and to be able to work safely and quickly, but also ergonomically. Tyrolit's angle grinders meet all these requirements. Reliable performance, included mounting tools and a sleek design are just some of the features of Tyrolit angle grinders.

Angle grinders from the grinding professional

Tyrolit is one of the world's leading manufacturers of abrasives, so it was obvious that the ideally matched machines should also be available for the corresponding tools. Tyrolit angle grinders are reliable everyday companions for a wide range of applications. With performances of up to 2.1 kW, a 22.23 mm/M14 tool attachment and included mounting tools, the choice is easy. In addition, Tyrolit angle grinders feature a robust motor with a slim housing for optimal guidance and handling. An ideal design facilitates an ergonomic arm-working posture and the protection cover of our angle grinders can be adjusted without tools. In combination with the matching diamond saw blades, diamond cup wheels or grinding tools, fast and clean working results are guaranteed.

Angle grinders with an edge

Our angle grinders impress with a robust motor and gearbox housing as well as ergonomic design. But they also have a few extras. Depending on the model, operators benefit from microprocessor electronics with soft start, overload protection and the restart interlock after power failure as well as from the additional vibration damping.

What our angle grinders - depending on the model - also feature:

  • Anti-kickback feature: switches off the motor when the disc is blocked.
  • Rear handle with soft inlay for a secure grip
  • Vibration damping ring between motor housing and rear handle for additional vibration damping
  • Lock-on/off switch
  • Elaborate dust cover