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Diamond Tools for Industrial Applications

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Productive grinding, drilling and cutting of bricks, prestressed concrete and refractories

Tyrolit offers an extensive assortment of diamond tools for drilling, cutting and grinding plane bricks, prestressed concrete and refractory products.

Thanks to many years of cooperating with renowned operators and machine construction companies, we have extensive practical experience to draw on when developing solutions for difficult applications.

Tyrolit brick grinding wheels, for example, combine precise grinding results with maximum productivity in grinding applications in the hollow brick and refractory industries. The specifications of our specially developed diamond saw blades for industrial applications, on the other hand, optimize the cutting of all types of prestressed concrete components such as hollow core slabs or railway sleepers. In addition, we offer our customers diamond tools that are optimally matched to different types of refractory materials.


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Our solutions for Industrial Applications

Tyrolit diamond tools for industrial applications are ideal for the production of bricks, prestressed concrete and refractories.

Our comprehensive assortment includes:

  • Brick grinding wheels for all standard machines: mounted with diamond segments in TGD® Technology for chip-free edges and a clean grinding pattern
  • Diamond saw blades for cutting prestressed concrete parts: specially designed to meet our customers' requirements; for high performance with a long tool life. Also available as a SILENT version
  • Diamond tools for refractory materials: for cutting, drilling and surface grinding of refractory materials such as magnesite, chrome magnesite, fireclay, silicon carbide, lightweight refractory bricks or fused zirconium
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Successful companies expect process know-how and comprehensive consulting services from their partners.

Together with the customer, our application engineers analyze the task at hand, create customized solution proposals and implement them on site on the machine.

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TGD® Technology

Tyrolit diamond tools with TGD® technology enable even load distribution, optimized cooling systems and consistently high cutting performance thanks to the intelligent distribution of the diamonds. As a result, the tool lasts longer and the machines are subjected to less load.

P2® Technology

P2® - PERMANENT POWER - is a high-frequency technology registered by Tyrolit, which combines the compact design of electrical systems with the reliability and performance of hydraulic systems in the best possible way in one machine. This innovative drive concept is based on the principle of drive motors with permanent magnets and allows working with high torque at reduced speeds. The maintainance-friendly design of the compact units facilitates service work and reduces costs.

Modular Technology

According to the modular principle of the Tyrolit Modular System, individual components can optionally be used within the same application area or for different applications. This not only makes work easier and more efficient, but also saves costs. Part of the Tyrolit Modular System is, for example, the ModulDrill™ quick clamping system, which allows a quick change of our drill motors between different Tyrolit drill rigs.

MoveSmart Technology

MoveSmart technology makes Tyrolit machines Internet-capable: With its help, current user data from the machine is processed directly on the construction site and made available via various end devices. The cloud-based MoveSmart technology provides operators and contractors with important operating and user data in order to get the most out of the machines. Service hours, error reports, and necessary software updates, for example, can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This enables better, more realistic planning as well as more economical and faster action based on real data.


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