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Tyrolit is the technology leader in grinding and one of the world's leading suppliers of first-class grinding tools. Benefit from a diverse and comprehensive product range for all common processes.

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Grinding Tools from the Technology Leader

For grinding metals such as steel, stainless steel or cast iron, as well as nonferrous metals, Tyrolit offers a wide assortment. At the highest level of quality, every little thing counts to ensure that all grinding requirements can be met. In terms of economy and efficiency good removal rates, an excellent lifetime and outstanding working comfort play a major role. Whether for the angle grinder, straight grinder or belt grinder: Tyrolit has the right tool for every application. One example is the high-quality CERABOND X products for rough grinding wheels, flap discs, fibre discs and belts, which achieve a particularly high stock removal rate thanks to the combination of ceramic grain with a unique bond system. Each grinding tool exemplifies Tyrolit's focus on quality, efficiency and economy in all its products.

Grinding tools that deliver success

In fact, Tyrolit has been going its own way with grinding tools for many decades. With numerous milestones, this path has led us to technological leadership in many areas of grinding. With the CERABOND technology, for example, we have succeeded in raising the aggressiveness and lifetime of the grinding tools to a new level. This is because the technology prevents premature breakdown of the grain and guarantees full grinding power of the individual grains.

In addition to high quality, efficiency and economy, we offer a uniquely broad and in-depth assortment of grinding tools, including rough grinding wheels, flap discs, fibre discs, ceramic points and belts. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that we cover all common grinding processes with grinding tools; on the other hand, we offer a wide range of tools in each individual area.

Conclusion: As a technology leader in grinding tools, Tyrolit offers you a winning grinding tool program that covers all common grinding processes with products of the highest quality.