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Round brushes from Tyrolit ensure perfect cleaning results, for example for pipe connections or weld seam processing. Rust, scale and concrete residue are conveniently removed from steel.

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front-view of the product Brush straight grinder mounted shaft round Premium for stainless steel

PREMIUM shaft mounted round brushes

for stainless steel

Straight grinder

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front-view of the product Brush straight grinder mounted shaft round Premium for nonferrous

PREMIUM shaft mounted round brushes

for nonferrous metals

Straight grinder

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Round Brushes from Tyrolit for Perfect Results

Whether it's a perfect round brush for flawless and optimal weld seam processing or for the quick cleaning of pipe connections: At Tyrolit you will find top-quality round brushes that make your work much easier - either with angle grinders, straight grinders or on floorstand grinders.

For example, the round brush for stainless steel and steel: as with the other premium round brushes, individual requirements are of course the top priority here. The brushes are available with different types of wire. The knotted round brushes are also perfect for removing rust, scale and concrete residue. At Tyrolit you will find round brushes in top quality, which will make your work easier and will provide you with perfect results.

Premium round brushes for pipeline construction

A unique tool in our assortment is the Premium Pipeliner round brush, which will make things much easier for you and meets the very special requirements of pipelines. When it comes to cleaning welding seams in pipe joints, they are exceptionally durable and long-lasting, especially due to the hardened steel wire being used. They are designed for use with the angle grinder, both on steel and stainless steel.

Round brushes for straight grinders and floorstand grinders

In addition to the round brushes for angle grinders, Tyrolit also offers tools for the floorstand grinder or shaft mounted round brushes for the straight grinder. The latter ones are available in different designs for steel, stainless steel and nonferrous metals. Due to their shape, they are particularly suitable for working in hard-to-reach places. These round brushes are available with both knotted and twisted wire. The former is used especially for removing rust, cleaning and roughening, the latter for welding and removing lacquer and scale.

Conclusion: The round brushes are real multi-talents at a high quality standard. If you are looking for a product to meet the special requirements of pipelines, the Pipeliner round brushes are the first choice.