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Flap wheels

High quality flap wheels for consistent results when machining steel, nonferrous metals and wood with the angle grinder. Find out more about our assortment!

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front-view of the product Lameller angle ginder PREMIUM Steel, nonferrous and wood

PREMIUM A-P01 C X flap wheels

for steel, nonferrous metal and wood

Angle grinder

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front-view of the product PREMIUM Fächerräder

PREMIUM flap wheels

for universal use

Bench grinder

Flap Wheels for Professionals from Professionals

Tyrolit's flap wheels incorporate the know-how of a technologically leading manufacturer that has been setting the pace in the development of grinding tools for many decades. As with all grinding tools, the focus of our flap wheels is on high performance, maximum efficiency and above-average cost-effectiveness. Every single flap wheel is proof that we meet the claim in this segment as well. The facts and figures speak for themselves. After all, our premium products for angle grinders can be used for general grinding applications such as cleaning and finishing as well as for polishing unevenness or curved faces made of steel, non-ferrous metals and wood. The very flexible flap wheels are responsible for this, allowing optimal contour adaptation in any situation.

Flap wheels with constant wear pattern over the entire lifetime

However, the flexible applicability of Tyrolit's flap wheels is only one of many advantages. Others include their long lifetime or the constant wear pattern over the entire lifetime, which guarantees a consistently high-quality surface finish. All in all, our assortment of flap wheels offers you a range of high-quality premium products for the efficient and thorough removal of weld seams, scratches and oxidation residues, as well as for the perfect pre-treatment of surfaces.

Conclusion: Flap wheels for the angle grinder from Tyrolit are the first choice for machining steel, nonferrous metals and wood when high-quality fine grinding is required. Take your pick!