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Finishing and polishing

Tyrolit offers a range of tools of the highest quality for deburring, cleaning and finishing metals.

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PREMIUM fleece rolls

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Finishing to Perfection with Tyrolit

Burrs are splinters, fraying or edges that occur on materials during machining processes. Tyrolit tools make it easy to remove these. Our non-woven products are suitable for finer deburring work on materials such as stainless steel, nonferrous metals, titanium, and high-alloyed steels. Their applications include surgical instruments, turbine construction, products for the chemical and food industries, design objects, and many more. For coarser deburring work rough grinding wheels, flap discs or fibre discs are usually used.

Fine tools for the final surface conditioning

Tyrolit's product range for deburring and finishing surfaces is extremely extensive. The spectrum includes a wide variety of non-woven products in the shape of discs, rolls, belts and points for being used on steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metals and plastic. At the same time, our high-quality polishing program with first-class discs for the angle grinder as well as different polishing pastes should not be forgotten. These polishing products are ideally suited for removing final scratches. In short, Tyrolit offers tools for every finishing application.

Conclusion: Every Tyrolit product for deburring and finishing contains more than 100 years of experience of a company that is one of the world's market leaders in these fields. You too can rely on the quality of our discs, belts, brushes and more.