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Non-woven discs

Compact discs from Tyrolit made of non-woven material for angle grinders, straight grinders and floorstand grinders are ideal tools for removing rust and scratches as well as for finishing.

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PREMIUM Quick-Change unitised compact wheels

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Angle grinder

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PREMIUM fleece wheels cut to size

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Straight grinder

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Premium Quality Non-Woven Discs for Metals and Nonferrous Metals

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of grinding tools, Tyrolit also offers a large assortment of non-woven products. It includes SCM discs (Surface Conditioning Material), wound (Convolute) as well as pressed (Unitized) compact wheels. Depending on the machine used and the desired degree of surface processing, we provide these products in different dimensions and specifications. For example, the coarse designs are suitable for light deburring and rust removing, while the finer designs are used for finishing or the final steps before polishing.

SCM discs for the angle grinder

With discs made of SCM you can do simple deburring work without deforming the workpiece and finish work thoroughly and quickly. You benefit from different qualities: the XC quality, for example, is the perfect choice for machining softer materials such as aluminum. The reason for this is its open structure, which prevents clogging. SCM discs from Tyrolit are available for the angle grinder and in the Quick Change variant for the mini angle grinder for working in hard-to-reach areas.

Convolute and unitised compact wheels

Tyrolit compact wheels are made of multi-layered wound or compressed non-woven material. They are available in fine to coarse designs, depending on the number of layers used. They are the ideal tools for machining surfaces: from removing scratches and rust to light deburring, finishing, and pre-polishing. Choose from a wide assortment of products for the angle grinder, mini angle grinder, straight grinder and floor stand grinder.

Conclusion: Whether you are working with stainless steel, steel or nonferrous metals and using an angle grinder, straight grinder or floor stand grinder: with non-woven products from Tyrolit you always make the right choice.