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Certified quality and safety

Safety has always been one of the most important topics in the development of innovative abrasives. Safety for the user, but also for people in the working environment. In order to offer state-of-the-art solutions in this area, our development department is constantly working on improvements and measures to protect operators and increase working comfort.

Always on the safe side

oSa founding member

The oSa (Organization for the Safety of Abrasive Tools) was founded in 2000 for precisely this purpose. As a founding member, Tyrolit is clearly committed to the values of this organization:

  • Worldwide protected label for the highest level of tested safety of cutting and grinding tools
  • Tested compliance with EN safety standards for abrasive products
  • Regular manufacturing controls and product monitoring
  • Regularly audited manufacturer with certified quality management and documented processes
  • Powerful premium products with traceability to the manufacturer

oSa members commit to certified quality management with documented processes, which means that our customers can rely on the highest quality and safety.

Safety and comfort with Tyrolit


DEEP CUT PROTECTION is another important step towards increased safety. A special metal bushing prevents the bore from breaking out, even when fully immersed in the workpiece or in contact with sharp edges. This significantly increases the operator's safety during difficult cutting tasks and makes work processes more comfortable.


Working with composites involves considerable dust emissions, which can lead to health problems. TYROLIT POWER minimises this problem through high performance, tool quality and special safety measures. With the new assortment, dust emissions and vibrations are reduced and the ergonomic design of the machines supplies less fatigue, pain and frustration.


SILENTIO rough grinding wheels set new milestones in terms of noise. With a noise reduction of 10 decibels, noise perception is minimised by 50 % and the load on hearing during work is significantly reduced. This increases the operator's comfort many times over and prevents permanent physical damage. With these tools for work on stainless steel, you can fundamentally optimise work processes.

Tool School: Safety

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