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Shot blasters

With Tyrolit shot blasters, you can efficiently machine even large surfaces and hard concrete floors or coatings.

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front-view of the product Floor grinder FBE200

Floor grinder FBE200

Working width 200 mm

Shop blaster

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front-view of the product Floor grinder FBE350

Shot Blaster FBE350

Working width 350 mm

Shop blaster

Floor shot blasters from Tyrolit: Surface preparation the efficient way

Floor shot blasters from Tyrolit are the most modern way of machining surfaces or preparing them for further machining steps such as floor grinding. Within a closed circuit, shot blasters hurl an abrasive consisting of small steel balls onto the surface at high speeds, which is particularly suitable for large surfaces and very hard concrete floors or coatings. Immediately after being ejected, the blast balls are returned directly to the machine for reuse. A built-in filter system separates the resulting dust and other impurities. This allows you to work almost dust-free. Other advantages of shot blasting:

  • By selecting different blasting abrasives, the surface finish can be individually specified.
  • Since shot blasting is a largely mechanical process, shot blasters from Tyrolit do not require any further chemical additives or water.

Shot blasters for numerous applications

Shot blasting machines from Tyrolit are the perfect machines for a range of applications. Basically, they are always useful when cleaning and preparing surfaces made of concrete or asphalt. For example, our shot blasters easily remove paint and epoxy resin, rust, dirt, various coatings, thin adhesives, filling compounds or rubber without leaving any residue. In addition, they are perfect for improving the slip resistance of floors and paths.

Modular shot blasters

The numerous possible applications of our shot blasters mentioned above, result - among other things - from their modular design. For example, you can easily and quickly increase the blasting width by adding expansion modules. Therefore, an increase in the area output is done quickly and cost-effectively. The drive unit guarantees a uniform and continuously variable feed. Other advantages: Maintenance work for the first 300 hours of operation can be completed on-site in the shortest possible time without any special tools. You can also count on a perfect blast pattern with 6-bladed blast-wheels, turbine power of up to 15 kW, and working widths of up to 350 mm.

Conclusion: Thanks to their modularity, floor shot blasters from Tyrolit are convincing with a wide range of possible applications. Take advantage of all the other benefits of machines with which you can work dust-free, environmentally friendly and highly productive.