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Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications

Tyrolit offers an extensive assortment of diamond tools to the pre-stressed concrete, hollow brick and refractory industries for the processing of all kind of materials. Thanks to longstanding cooperation with renowned end-users and machine manufacturers, we have developed a wealth of practical experience to call on when solving difficult applications.

Pre-stressed concrete

Pre-stressed concrete

The most economical method to cut pre-stressed concrete elements to the desired length is to use diamond saw blades.

Tyrolit specifications support you to optimize cutting of pre-stressed concrete elements, whether hollow core slabs, solid sections, I-beams or railway sleepers.

Convincing benefits

– Highest level of safety because of 100% adhesion testing of the segments
– Reduced cutting costs due to a combination of high performance and high lifetime
– Optimized design to prevent jamming of the saw blade and to ensure a straight cut.

TYROLIT pre-stressed diamond blades are specially adapted to the requirements and applications of our customers.

The following data are needed to define an optimal specification:
– Machine data
– Type of concrete aggregrate
– Curing time
– Number of reinforcements
– Dimensions and geometry of the elements

Hollow bricks

Hollow bricks

Surface grinding wheels of Tyrolit achieve an excellent lifetime and guarantee highest quality and feed rate.

During the manufacture of hollow bricks the fired clay bricks are surface ground to achieve very narrow tolerances. The bricks can thus be laid with only a few millimeters thick thin-bed mortar. The benefits of this technology include mortar savings of 90% and a very high thermal insulation.

The grinding process often represents the bottleneck in production of hollow bricks – however not with surface grinding wheels of TYROLIT.

Convincing benefits:

  – Special, individuall balancing process guarantees grinding without vibration
  – Optimised sharpening technology to provide immediate outstanding performance
  – Reduced processing times due to extremely high feed rate
  – Consistent, high quality level due to a 100% quality control

TYROLIT provides security: we consider quality to be of paramount importance to provide you operational reliability and to ensure the safety of your operators.

Detailed product information on request.
We can draw on a wide range of dimensions and specifications that enable us to find for every application the optimal solution.

Refractory materials

Refractory materials

TYROLIT offers an extensive range of diamond tools for cutting, surface grinding and drilling of refractory materials.

The selection of the optimal tool is primarely determined by the composition of the material to be processed. The characteristics of our diamond tools are specially adapted to achieve the best performance with each type of refractory.

Magnesite, aluminium oxide, silicon carbide or other refractories: We offer you the optimal diamond tool!

Detailed product information on request.
Specifications which are specifically tailored to meet customer demands offer security and flexibility.