Metal Bond Cup Wheels

Fields of Applications

Squaring of Ceramic tiles: roughing

General Information

Metal  bond cup wheels are available in different geometry, diameters and rim size to suit all needs for material removal, belt speed, quality of pre-finish required.


Size: diameter 320 mm x 60/67/100 mm band width



Avalable diameters:

Diameter Rim size (W x H) (mm)
200 8x14
250 10x12 and 10x20
300 12x14 and 12x20
250 double band
300 double band 12+12 x 14

The choice of the grit is related to the removal  and finish required:

M5 very high removal rough finishing
M6 very high removal rough finishing
M9 high removal rough finishing
M101 good removal medium finishing
M12 pre-finishing good finishing


Please always specify machine brand, model and year in your inquires to be able to determine the proper tool fixing  bore and pin holes.