Resin Bond Cup Wheels

Fields of Applications

Squaring of Ceramic tiles: prefinishing and finishing

General Information

Resin bond cup wheels are available in different diameters and rim geometry and size to suit all needs for material removal, belt speed, quality of finish required.

Avalable diameters:

Diameter Rim size - geometry Rim size - geometry
200 40x12 continuos  
250 30x10 continuos 30x15 continuos
250 40x10 continuos 40x16 continuos
250 40x10 with slots 40x16 with slots
300   40x16 with slots

All sizes in mm

The choice of the grit is related to the removal and finish required:

D301 super-rough grit rough finishing
D252 rough grit medium finishing
D181 medium grit good finishing
D91 fine grit good finishing
D64 super-fine grit excellent finishing

Please always specify machine brand, model and year in your inquires to be able to determine the proper tool fixing  bore and pin holes.