Tools for Ball Grinding

The efficient machining of balls

Product / User Benefits

  • Formulated specifications to fit specific application requirements
  • Longer wheel life
  • Better profile retention for various materials (hard and soft)
  • Better cutting ability
  • Shorter grinding time for bearing and hardened material

Fields of Applications

Rough-grinding of balls

General Information

For this operation, mixtures of SIC and A/O vitrified bonded in grit size 80 - 320 are used. The high forces applied in the machine require extremely hard grinding wheels, which are made in a special production technology.


  • Ball grinding is done in specially designed machines with horizontal or vertical axis:
    the balls are ground between a grooved plate and the grinding wheel. The stationary grooved plate is made of cast steel in different hardness according to the application. It has a section cut out of it; this is where the balls enter and exit the grooves.The grinding wheel spins, while the balls travel through the grooves and get ground down to their final dimension.

Grinding Tools:

  • Grinding wheel type 35 (special design: glued onto steel plate)
  • Grinding wheel type 36ST with inserted nuts
Ball grinding


For further details and shape drawings see: Your Partner in the Bearing Industry.


  • Your Partner in the Bearing Industry