Superfinishing Stones for Spherical Rollers

The better quality of the rollers

Product / User Benefits

  • A/O vitrified bond: better material removal, mainly for the first station(s)
  • SIC vitrified bond: better surface quality, mainly for the last station(s)
  • Mixture of A/O and SIC vitrified bond: combines advantage of both (surface finish and material removal)
  • A/O resin bonded with graphite: for very low surface finish, mainly for last station of multy-station machines
  • Special products: with paraffin or sulphur impregnation for higher material removal rates

Fields of Applications

Superfinishing of spherical rollers

General Information

The superfinishing is the final operation for the OD of the rollers. All qualities like roundness, wafe, form and surface finish have to meet low tolerances.


  • Mostly one- or two station superfinishing machines:
    the rollers are usually supported and driven by control wheels. The stone oscillates across the OD.

Grinding Tools:

  • Superfinishing stone type 54SCH (special design: with profile to match the roller shape; stone blocks type 54SCHP to be cut to size.

Superfinishing of spherical rollers


For further details and shape drawings see: Your Partner in the Bearing Industry. 


  • Your Partner in the Bearing Industry