Superfinishing Stones of Cylindrical Rollers

The better quality of the rollers

Product / User Benefits

  • A/O vitrified bond: better material removal, mainly for the first station(s)
  • SIC vitrified bond: better surface quality, mainly for the last station(s)
  • Mixture of A/O and SIC vitrified bond: combines advantage of both (surface finish and material removal)
  • A/O resin bonded with graphite: for very low surface finish, mainly for last station of multy-station machines
  • Special products: with paraffin or sulphur impregnation for higher material removal rates

Fields of Applications

Superfinishing of cylindrical rollers on multi-station machines

General Information

The superfinishing is the final operation for the OD of the rollers. All qualities like roundness, wave, form and surface finish have to meet low tolerances.


  • Mulit-station superfinishing machines:
    the rollers are usually supported and driven by steel rolls. A set up of different stone plates oscillate on top.

Grinding Tools:

  • Superfinishing stone type 54SCH (special design: with profile to match the roller shape; stone blocks type 54SCHP to be cut to size)

Through-feed superfinishing of rollers


For further details and shape drawings see: Your Partner in the Bearing Industry. 


  • Your Partner in the Bearing Industry