Tools for Face Grinding of Taper Rollers

The tool for the precise face geometry

Product / User Benefits

  • High output
  • Good surface geometry and finish 
  • Special products: multiple layer wheels for roughing and finishing

Fields of Applications

Face grinding of taper rollers

General Information


  • Specially made machinery is used:
    the grinding tool is a cup wheel, grinding ring or a profiled external grinding wheel.

Grinding Tools:

  • Cup sheel type 5ST (special design: Modler type wheel with two layers (rough-/finish grinding)
  • Straight wheel type 1 - S (special design: sandwich wheel with 2-4 layers (rough-/semi finish-/finish grinding)


For further details and shape drawings see: Your Partner in the Bearing Industry.

Grinding with profiled external
grinding wheel, taper rollers
Grinding with cup wheel,
taper rollers


  • Your Partner in the Bearing Industry